Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Get real with UNREAL candy!!

Let me start first with a little information on what UNREAL candy is:

The idea for this company came from a young boy trying to prove that candy isn't as bad as his parents made it out to be. Unfortunatly, after doing research he found out that it really was bad. Off to the drawing board he went to come up with some "Unjunked" versions of his favorite treats.

If you'd like to read more about this, click this question "Why does the junk food we love have to be so bad for us" to read all about Nicky's story!

Okay, I'll be the first to admit that I was a little scared trying a "healthy" version of junk food, but I was craving a sweet snack to bring with me to see a movie.

Off I went to my local CVS, which was conveniently located just across the way from the theater, and went on a hunt for the UNREAL candy. I found the larger bags which looked awesome, but after checking my coupon again I realized it was for the smaller bags, nope, it was for the individual sized options. Alright, so I found myself at the front counter with another customer standing right in front of where the UNREAL candy was, once they stepped aside I went in for the sweets! At this point I was pretty indecisive as to what I wanted to choose, but I settled on UNREAL 8, their version of a "Snickers" bar.

A small side note, whenever I have a "free product" coupon for anything, but especially if it's a product on sale, this usually gives cashiers a bit of a hard time. The day I went in to CVS they were buy 2 for one price, buy one for another price. To make this easier, I told the cashier to just ring each bar and coupon up in two separate transactions so there'd be no need to do the math on the taxes. Of course he didn't listen at first and the computer got all confused, so he canceled the transaction and actually did what I requested at first.

I should also mention that I was also with my boyfriend and he went with the exact same option of the UNREAL 8 bar.

We had plenty of time to spare before the movie began so my boyfriend and I decided that we would take a walk around the plaza and burn off some calories from dinner. Apparently, this walk made him hungry and he decided that he wanted to eat his UNREAL candy right then and there....first bite, SUCCESS....well, not really. He did say it was good, but he wasn't all that impressed, a few bites later though and he determined it was okay, by the end of the bar though he did say he'd try it again.

So, I decided I was going to wait until the movie was playing before I ate mine. I was enjoying my movie when suddenly hunger stuck and I pulled my UNREAL 8 bar out of my bag.

First impressions; it smelled good, looked good, but would it taste good? I took a bite, YUMMY! Yes, the flavors and textures are not quite the same as the original option, but really, when you're looking for something to satisfy your sweet tooth craving, it will work just fine.

I think I'd buy these again if I happen to see them on sale or just want to live a little healthier.

Thanks to and UNREAL candy I was able to sample this product for free!!

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