Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Make a splash in Old Navy's 2012 swimwear collection!

Thanks to CrowdTap and Old Navy I was recently asked to do a "Sample & Share" for O.N.'s new 2012 swimwear collection. I haven't gone suit shopping in over 2 years so I wasn't sure what I'd find. The last time I went looking, I didn't even think of O.N. and as a result I spent WEEKS looking for something good only to settle on something that was just ok. I was honestly impressed with what I found at O.N.!! There were lots of cute 2 pieces as always, but an amazing array of 1 piece suits as well. In the end I was debating between a shapewear suit or a regular suit, but the regular suit fit so well I didn't feel I even needed the shapewear! I would post a link to the suit I ended up with, but for some reason I can't find it on the site. It's gray with one shoulder, very cute!

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